Base DN – The base path from where the LDAP search will happen (for users & groups) 2. For AD, the attribute name will be s AMAccount Name.

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In BI EE 10g, integration with external LDAP security had to be done through the use of Init Blocks and LDAP Servers setup within the repository.

In BI EE 11g, the older method of integration is still supported and will work.

But the recommended approach is to setup the LDAP as a security provider in Weblogic.

First step is to make sure that we are changing the Control Flag property of the Default Security provider from SUFFICIENT to OPTIONAL.

This step ensures that we can have users coming in from other Providers as well.

This is done from the Admin Console ( After this, the next step is to add a provider to Weblogic to connect to the Active Directory instance.This step requires us to know 4 main Active Directory Properties 1. User Attribute – This attribute is what will be extracted as the username for the users residing in Active Directory.In today’s blog post, we shall see how to go about setting up Active Directory as a security provider in Weblogic.When we install BI EE 11g, a Default Security provider is configured out of the box.So, any new user/group that we add to the Default Security Provider can be assigned to Application Roles directly.To change the Default Security Provider to an Active Directory Provider we will have to follow the steps outlined below.