, which is about to return for its 11th season, is renowned for featuring some of the coolest music on reality TV — Sleigh Bells, M. A., Bjork, Robyn, Hot Chip, Sam Sparro, Roisin Murphy, Goldfrapp, et al. But many people first discovered her music in 2008 via Katee Shean and Joshua Allen's stunning Mia Michaels routine set to "Hometown Glory." It still stands as one of the most glorious dances in the series' history. One Republic Tyce Diorio's contemporary routine to "Apologize" for Danny Tidwell and Anya Garnis really put Ryan Tedder and company on the map. Danny and Anya ended up in the bottom three that week, but soon "Apologize" was on top of the charts.

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BROWNSVILLE, TX—Describing them as “the best pretzels out there” and “the only ones [he] buy[s],” local resident Ned Carlisle expressed his firm loyalty to Snyder’s of Hanover–brand pretzels Tuesday. WASHINGTON—Expressing their immense relief at their good fortune, the nation’s gun manufacturers tearfully told reporters Tuesday they were thankful to have made it out of the Orlando massacre safely.

NEW YORK—In what many are calling a shameless and creepy attempt to court a much younger demographic, 55-year-old brand Frito-Lay was seen clearly targeting 18-to-24-year-old females this week with a new campaign for reduced-fat snacks, sources confirmed.

PURCHASE, NY—Touting the beverage’s refreshing citrus taste, tongue-tingling carbonation, and prescription-strength antimicrobial properties, Pepsi Co officials announced Wednesday that their newest product, Mountain Dew Code White, kills 99.9 percent of consumers’ stomach bacteria.

IRVING, TX—Addressing the world’s plant and animal life directly during a press event Friday, officials from Exxon Mobil vowed to bestow lenient treatment on any species that surrendered to the corporation voluntarily.

DAYTON, OH—Throwing the generally positive customer review section into a state of disarray, a contrarian Amazon user reportedly upended the critical consensus Monday by giving a set of three Sunland-brand $18.99 microfiber bath towels a one-star rating.

LOS ANGELES—Describing the experience as a significant letdown, local diner Eric Tidwell told reporters that the disappointing Buffalo Wild Wings franchise he visited Thursday night failed to live up to the scorn he had long heard about the restaurant.

LOUISVILLE, KY—In an effort to meet the changing demands of its consumers, fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken announced Wednesday that it has begun offering customers the option of purchasing, at a significant discount, a 20-piece box of pre-owned hot wings. Mary Medical Center confirmed that local woman Deliah Zahn gave birth to a healthy black mark on the record of Bayer—manufacturer of the birth control pill Yaz—weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

And it was all because of , singing the Season 4 theme song "Just Dance." (And she later recruited Season 4 contestant Mark Kanemura to be a principal dancer in her troupe.) While in retrospect Gaga's leotarded performance seems incredibly tame, at the time it was the perfect springboard for her colorful and controversial career in shock-pop.

Three years later in Season 8, Gaga, now an international superstar, came full-circle and paid back the favor by serving as one of the best choreographer Stacey Tookey — who loved it so much, she asked the then-unsigned songstress to rush-record a professional version to be used for a Billy Bell/Kathryn Mc Cormick contemporary routine.