Imperial NUART Mark The NUART mark is found primarily on some, but not all, examples of the Chrysanthemum and Homestead chop plates.

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Generally it's a good guide to the authenticity of a piece, but bear in mind that Wright issued several patterns (primarily the Grape and Cable butter dish and Grape Delight nut bowl) with the mark. The absence or presence of the mark makes little difference in the value or desirability.

Imperial Iron Cross Mark Very few pieces of Imperial Carnival Glass were marked in any way.

This Iron Cross mark appears on some stretch glass, primarily Imperial Jewels, and a few Carnial patterns.

Carnival patterns for which I have occasional listings showing this mark are Chesterfield, Colonial (Flute), Imperial Grape, Optic and Buttons, Pillar Flute, Smooth Panels vases, and Waffle Block.

Fenton Marks When Fenton introduced its lines or reissued Carnival Glass in 1970, they marked the glass with an oval with the word "Fenton" in script inside. The Bob (Joe's younger brother) and Maude mark is typical of theirs.

In 1980, they reduced the size of the mark and included a numeral designating the decade ("8" for 1980s, "9" for 1990s, "0" for 2000). As a result, they added the letter "L" to the mark. In 1981, the company was sold to Arthur Lorch, who added a slanted capital "A" the mark, forming "ALIG." This mark was used during 19. He devised a new mark with a capital "N" superimposed over the stylized "I," which stood for New Imperial. Clair Marks A number of the family members of the St. Joe signed his in a number of ways which included just St. Westmoreland WG Mark According to Lorraine Kovar in her book, The Westmoreland Story, the mark with intertwined "W" and "G" was used after the 1940s.

I've only seen this mark on a Santa Bell, which may have been the only item made as Mr. However, just because a piece has this mark doesn't mean it dates from this period: Westmoreland molds have been passed along to other glass makers who are not always diligent about removing the mark.

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Northwood The underlined "N" in a circle is the most frequently seen mark in classic era Carnival.

Not all Northwood patterns carry the mark, and in some patterns that do carry the mark, not all pieces may have it.