There are times you want to squeeze that person as hard as you can and tell them how much you love them, but mostly love remains the silent engine under the hood that drives the relationship.

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LP holds him down, puts his happiness first, and at the end of the day through good times and bad times, she’s right there by his side. Physically it’s all comparable, but there is nothing more exciting mentally than having sex with a girl you’ve never experienced.

So why would a man who has no real complaints about his girl still go dip his dick in the chick down the street who could care less about him after the sex is over? It’s like discovering America, snorting coke, and scoring the winning Super Bowl touchdown all at once.

The moment you realize you’re about to smash is better than the actual nut.

For example, a teenage girl will get butterflies to the point where she’s physically shaking around a boy, but once the two are going steady those shakes go away, replaced by a simple smile.

She didn’t love him when he was a crush; it was the infatuation that shot her heart rate up.

Once it grows into true love those feelings become embedded to the point where she doesn’t consciously notice them.

That’s the reality of love; it isn’t constant fireworks like in the movies.

Cumming is something we can experience anytime we want if the proper amount of lotion is available, we’re not really chasing a nut.

You can make love to Loyal Pussy and have better nuts, but there is no way to recreate the excited anticipation of fucking something new—that’s the dragon we’re chasing.