(a book of 400 pages, with maps, diagrams, equations, and hand drawings) was sent anonymously, on two disks, to a well-known UFO organization.There is little information about the author, and the material has not been seen before.The disks were then passed on to a respected German investigator.

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We do not read German, so we do not know the precise content.

But it's clear that this is extraordinary material.

It appears to document extensive, detailed information about a base in Antarctica originally established by the Nazis, advanced physics, mind control, something apparently resembling the 'Montauk chair', and alien involvement in the affairs of the human race.

Included in the document are dozens of pages of higher mathematics, apparently detailing the physical theory of interdimensional travel.

We don't yet know how this has come about, or if the text was written that way in the original.

Many questions are raised, of course - none the least being how one escapes from Antarctica.

But the answers may present themselves to those with the resources to study the document thoroughly.

Whoever assembled this did so with a very great deal of time, trouble and technical knowledge.

The author states he has been a victim of mind control and/or mental illness, and appears to document a bizarre personal journey. He recounts a large number of very peculiar dreams, but also describes the Antarctic base in detail.