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But there are a number of other races featuring unusual candidates around the country.

As the American “culture wars” increasingly focus on the rights and plight of transgender people, violence directed at the trans community — for years, one of the most victimized groups in the country — appears to be reaching new heights.

The Stormfront Web forum is a pretty serious place.

The cause was a book pastor Douglas Wilson had co-authored that offered up an unusual take on antebellum American slavery.

Just days before Britain held a referendum on leaving or staying in the European Union (EU), a man yelling “Britain first” stabbed and shot to death a pro-EU and pro-immigrant member of Parliament at a meeting with constituents.

04/08/16 1590 KBJT AM Temporarily Off Air For Repairs (Update) Wednesday morning, a rare part on the KBJT Tower failed and the radio station lost power.

An entire day was lost while the engineers identified the SAU Tech’s Adult Education Center Plans to Celebrate National Adult and Family Literacy Week SAU Tech’s Adult Education Center in Camden will celebrate National Adult and Family Literacy Week on Musgrove Obit Jack Gordon Musgrove died Monday at the age of 90.

Its registered users have murdered a total of about 100 people.

Its founder is a former Alabama Klan leader who went to prison after trying to invade and take over a black-run Caribbean island.

It is replete with calls to exterminate Jews, “race-mixers” and LGBT people.

Thirteen years ago, an evangelical minister in Idaho who was about to headline a “history” conference at the University of Idaho at Moscow ran head-on into a massive political firestorm.