as I sit here forced to watch it, I am wondering which would be worse. Between them, they rattle through their dialogue at the speed of sound, with a delivery as wooden as Sherwood Forest and a vocal pitch which my dog finds deeply disturbing. I've heard plenty of Poles talking (we have a fair number live in my area) and none of them sound like she does. EDIT: Having read a few more reviews, it seemed I'd been trying with the wrong end of the show.

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The canned laughter punctuates the mindless rhythm of the inane witterings as it drones on and on and on and on and on... There's room for a recurring plot here, with the cupcake business. Why don't we see where they're going with it, aside from the cash display before the end credits? Oh, wait, that's not going to happen with such one dimensional characters. Aside from the hugely annoying "whoop" she gets when she appears - no, wait, I'm not parking that one. I've watched a few episodes and keep thinking it might get better because some people rate it highly and it's touted as good on some media. I thought it was horribly unfunny at first and wanted to give it a chance before reviewing.

It's simply the worst thing I have ever witnessed ever at any time in any country in my life. Kat Denning(Max) has an irritating voice that could be put to good use if she could act. Lots of sex jokes, sometimes cheesy, sometimes raunchy but most of the times enjoyable.

That anyone could like this in any way is mind boggling. She has a few funny one-liners, but she sounds like she is reading her lines. The actresses that play the lead roles are perfectly cast.

I honestly have only seen a handful of episodes so if this is a show that is mainly plot driven, I may have missed it (i sincerely doubt it). Jennifer Coolidge(Sophie) has been a very funny character in movies, but I can't put my finger on why she is so bad in this TV show. The only redeeming character may be Beth Behrs(Caroline). There are some humorous moments and that is why I rated it a 3. Especially Kat Dennings, who, even with material that isn't always up to par, lights up the screen with her wonderful, sensual, charismatic, yet sometimes almost painfully sarcastic and bitter sense of humor. I've watched a lot of episodes of season one, and somehow I just keep watching whenever I need some harmless, simple humor.

Here are a few observations about what the writers/producers of the show think: raunchy = automatically funny, saying raunchy jokes louder make them automatically funny, delivering cue-card punchlines in an 80's fashion is still funny. I wish I could give it more because of the few times when it has some comedy that is appealing. I wish they would get off the TV to make room for something better. I think that this show completely proves that good leads really can carry a show and capture an audience.

I hear the "punchlines" and the laugh track and constantly find myself saying "was that supposed to be the punchline? I like every brand of humor and am extremely easy to please in the humor department, and this show is completely unfunny. It's just a sweet concept, literally, with the cupcakes and all, and it's a warm show, made with some love and fun. At the moment it's the only comedy show I watch. Maybe not as good a some shows, like modern family and community or 30 rock.

I really like Kat Dennings too and was hopeful for this show, but there are only 4 reasons this show is somehow still around: each girl has two of them. It's not brilliant in any way, it's not new and original in any way, but you really feel for the characters, maybe not right away but after a few episodes you start appreciate them.

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2 Broke Girls is an American television sitcom that follows the misadventures of the roommates Max Black and Caroline Channing, who are both financially poor, and their efforts to start a cupcake business. The only reason why I don't change the channel is because I would forget that two and a half men is on after it. For some reason, I keep going back to it and giving it one more shot, but every time I end up disappointed. Max, who is supposed to be streetwise, is merely rude. I can't understand how a show as engaging, warm and genuinely funny as "My Name Is Earl" can get canned so easily, while dross like this is allowed to carry on unabated.

Watching 2 Broke Girls or having your brain eaten by zombies... For it to be right before such a god of comedy is a disgrace towards two and a half men. Surely, at some point, we're going to get a proper laugh out of this, right? Then there's Caroline, who looks desperately like someone who wants an inroad to the show, but is perpetually denied. Anyway, aside from that, can someone please explain where her Polish accent is from? I miss that show, because I want to know what happens next. Well, we don't worry about that, because nothing is happening at all.